Shredders and Shears

Another offering we supply are Shredders, Granulators, Impactors and Crushers from American Pulverizer. These are ideal for a range of applications, especially construction waste, cement, medical waste, MSW, tires and E-waste.


Perfect for construction waste, this machine excels at reducing concrete, granite etc. as the material is hurled against the two impact arms by the rigid rotor hammers. Once it is fine enough to pass through the gaps it becomes a uniform cubical product (~2 inches). This machine comes in a range of sizes depending on the feed opening required, and can be either portable or stationary.

TRS Low-Speed High-Torque Shredder

Designed to deliver the highest torque using lower speeds with the least amount of horsepower. Available in either electric or hydraulic models, their unique design reduces vibration, noise, dust, energy costs, maintenance, explosion liability and even installation costs.

TRS Demo

Heavy Duty Scrap Shredder

To process sheet iron, automobile bodies, white goods and more, these Shredders are equipped with heavy duty self-supporting grates, reject doors, hydraulic pin pullers, and vibration isolation packages.

Complete Systems

Have a bigger project in mind? We can also assist with complete systems utilising our whole range of products.

Car Shredding System Animation

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