Established in 1995, Wastedrive is a leading supplier of recycling equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand. The core of our business lies in our ability to provide top quality recycling equipment, including balers, conveyors, shears and shredders.

Our personnel

Have more than 30 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry and will ensure the correct equipment is specified for your application. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with our partners in order to provide quality products with an exceptional level of customer service.

Our vision and values

To supply the best quality recycling equipment in Australia and New Zealand. Our values include offering quality products from around the world, we take pride in the quality of our staff and business partners, and we work with our customers and business partners to improve the quality of our products and services.

Wastedrive offers exceptional service to our customers and business partners. We have the most dedicated, hard-working team in the recycling industry whose product and service knowledge is unmatched. We are ethical and professional in the way we do business.

Our partners


Harris manufactured its first item of equipment in 1889 and invented the world’s first hydraulic baling press in 1938. Harris’ never ending focus has been placed on developing products that exceed the changing requirements of the recyclables’ processing industry. Over the past 50 years Harris has produced more than 12,000 balers, and in 2014 acquired IPS Balers Inc.

Wastedrive is the authorised distributor of Harris and IPS products supporting more than 70 Harris/IPS machines throughout the Australia/New Zealand region.

Hustler Conveyor Company originally known as Iron Hustler was founded in the early 1960s and exclusively served the scrap metal industry. Iron Hustler was purchased by American Pulverizer Company in 1979, relocated from Illinois to Missouri and the new name became Hustler Conveyor Company. In 1997, to meet the needs of increased product demand in the Recycling and Solid Waste Industry, Hustler Conveyor moved to its current 40-acre location in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Reo-Pack is a long established company based in Denmark with more than 30 years’ experience in automated packaging. Reo-Pack also has offices in Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom and has supplied more than 1000 solutions in over 25 countries. Reo-Pack has a creative customer oriented software department, and in-house mechanical and electrical production ensuring high quality system solutions.

Accent Wire is the leading provider of baling wire and wire tie solutions in North America. Their Accent 470 wire tie system utilises similar track components to the L & P but the knotter unit has all the main wear parts on a single shaft which is quick and easy to replace. Accent wire Tie supports 330 and 340 L & P Wire Ties, and the 330 Wire Tier has been in the baling industry for over 30 years.

InfraBuild Wire (formerly Liberty OneSteel) has a significant presence in the Australia and New Zealand steel market as an integrated manufacturer of steel and finished steel products. InfraBuild Wire’s Galvanised Baling wire (BaleTite) has been specially developed to meet the growing requirements of the recycling industry. All products are manufactured in Australia using world leading technology and are guaranteed by InfraBuild Wire Products. BaleTite is suitable for a range of recycling materials including plastics and bottles. Balomatic Baling Wire is ideal for use in paper recycling and is suited to automatic baling systems where it provides consistent performance with economy.

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