Baling Wire

We supply premium quality baling wire from InfraBuild (formerly Liberty OneSteel) Wire.

BaleTite® High Tensile Galvanized Baling Wire

BaleTite® Baling Wire is a high-tensile product that is the strongest of the InfraBuild Wire baling wire products and features InfraBuild Wire’s world-class galvanising technology. BaleTite® is suitable for a range of recycling materials including plastics and bottles. Available in 2.71mm, 2.95mm or 3.06mm diamaters and with an industry-leading breaking load of 5.6kN through to 7.9kN, its strength and reliability make it the best choice in the market.

Balomatic (black) Annealed Special Baling Wire

Specifically developed to meet the growing requirements of the recycling industry, this is the wire of choice for paper recyclers due to it’s ability to be stretched without being weakened. Balomatic Annealed Special Baling Wire is batch annealed and is suited to a variety of automatic baling systems where it provides consistent performance with economy. With a breaking load of 2.0-3.5kN, it is available in a range of diameters to suit your needs.

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